Leaping Towards a Sustainable Future With Resilience

Our Commitment
Social Sustainability
Safety, Health, Environment
Human Capital
Enviromental Sustainability

Our Sustainability Approach

Mun Siong Group believes in creating a sustainable value for our stakeholders and aligning our long-term business strategy based on a balanced development between People, Technology, Profit and the Environment. Our business undertaking reflects long term customer retention in conjunction with today’s modern development. We strive to offer products and solutions that empower our customers to operate sustainably.

Our Commitment

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in a changing world, and as the Mun Siong Group grows, we need to be more cognizant of the impact of our operations on the planet, as well as how we are integrated into the social fabric of the communities that we are based in. Sustainability thus remains a key consideration in business decisions, to ensure we do not sacrifice the future, just to meet the needs of today.

Social Sustainability

We promote and advocate the following practices in the company whether it is pertaining to non-discrimination where opportunities to develop at work must be fair and equal irrespective of gender, or other belief. Any lapses will be regarded innocent until proven guilty where the evidence must be proven. We acknowledge flexibility in work-life balance as well as freedom of expression for better innovative ideas that will lead to a better future with resilience.

Human Capital

Human is one of the most important and complex resource to the company while social sustainability starts with Human rights. Our workforce is the cornerstone of our business and sustainable growth. Human capital is much more than a macroeconomic abstraction. Each person has a unique, living, breathing set of capabilities.

Our leadership team strives to address, identify, and mitigate the following:

  • Gender diversity
  • Cultural, racial religion and experience diversity and equality
  • We engage various age group of foreigners with different experiences, regardless of their culture or religion. 

Safety, Health & Environment

We provide a safe work environment to the employees, and vendors who work and provide services to our company as this is our responsibility to the society where we work and live.

Mun Siong Group values SHE as one of the pre-requisites. We take all incidents seriously and dive deep into every case looking into the root cause and provide recommendations through the hierarchy of controls, which includes Elimination, Substitution, Engineering Controls, Administrative Controls and Personal Protection Equipment. In addition, we train and strongly encourage our workforce to identify potential risks so that precautionary measures be taken to prevent incident from happening.

Sustainability Report