Milwaukee Tool is an industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, accessories, hand tools, storage and PPE for professional users worldwide.​


M12 Cordless Tools

The MILWAUKEE™ M12™ cordless system delivers industry-leading durability and power in a compact size that outperforms in the tightest places. ​ ​ M12™ defines cordless tool innovation, transforming inefficient manual tools such as cable and copper tubing cutters into advanced workhorses powered by MILWAUKEE™’s REDLITHIUM™ battery technology​ ​ More than 100 unique solutions make the M12™ family one of the largest sub-compact cordless systems on the market.​


M18 Cordless System

The MILWAUKEE™ M18™ cordless system represents the ultimate synergy of professional-grade power, lightweight, extreme performance and superior ergonomics. ​ ​ These tools come with patented technologies, innovative motors and advanced electronics powered by REDLITHIUM™ battery technology for unmatched run-time at the job site. ​ ​ Offering more than 200 unique solutions, the M18™ family is the fastest growing 18V cordless system on the market.

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