We are the sole distributor for Oxifree TM198 in Singapore. Oxifree TM198 is an organic thermoplastic coating for the protection of metallic components with complex geometries from corrosion. 

OxiFree TM198

TM198 is melted down from a solid resin (in the supply unit) and applied using a heated hose and gun.  It provides a pliable thermoplastic barrier coating, which will protect all types of metal components against galvanic pitting and atmospheric corrosion as well as protects your assets from water and dust ingress. It is ideal for flanges and valves on process piping and long term storage of equipment in normal atmospheric conditions.  The material can easily be cut and removed for access and maintenance, the area of removed material can then be refilled as the newly applied material that will bond to the existing TM198 coating. The protected substrate can be inspected via UT directly through the material.  There is no downtime during application and protection is provided immediately, bringing savings to both CapEx and OpEx.  TM198 is proven to extend the life cycle of components and reduce maintenance costs.  The core application machines have undergone extensive development and testing and come in 2 different tank sizes: 12lbs/5.5kg and 50lbs/22kg to cater for a wide range of application requirements. The larger machine is IECEx certified.


Oil & Gas
Petro - Chemical

Power Generation
Nuclear Power
Pulp & Paper


Suitable Applications

Bearing Housing
Electrical Conductors
Flange Assemblies
Graylock Clamp
Pipe Support


  • Savings to Both Operational & Capital Expenditure 

  • Arrests All Types of Corrosion & Contamination

  • Applicable on Rotating Parts

  • Applicable on Sweating Pipes

  • Applicable on Live Assets

  • 100% Reusable

  • Minimum Surface Preparation

  • No Solvents Content

  • Excellent UV Resistance

  • Complimentary to Other Coating Systems

  • Complimentary to NDT Inspection

  • Simple to Remove Without Damaging Substrate

  • Available in Various Colours

  • Encapsulates Substrate

  • Does Not Adhere to Structure

  • Fast to Apply & Cools Within 2 Minutes

  • Over 10 Years of Lifespan

  • Preserve Stored Assemblies

  • Application to Complex Geometry Areas


  • ASTM B117 – Salt Spray Test

  • ASTM G154 – UV/Weathering Test

  • ASTM G85-94 – Annex A5 Prohesion Test

  • ASTM D790 – Cryogenic Bend Flexibility

  • ASTM E968 – Sand Abrasion Resistance

  • BS 3900-F2 – Cyclic Condensation

  • Boeing BSS 7239 – Smoke Toxicity Test

  • ASTM E662 – Smoke Generation Test

  • BS EN 13823 – Single Burning Item Test

  • UL 94 V2 – Flammability of Plastic Materials

  • ASTM D149 – Dielectric Strength Testing

  • BS2782 Pt.2 – Volumetric Resistivity Testing

  • GOL492/09 – Volatile Organic Compound Test

  • ASTM D7359/13 – Standard Test Method for Total Fluorine, Chlorine and Sulfur in Aromatic Hydrocarbons