We are the sole distributor of Conco Systems in Singapore. Conco enables power plants, refineries and industrial production facilities to improve profitability, productivity and reliability through a uniquely integrated platform of products and services for condensers and heat exchangers.



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When your plant is reliable and productive, efficient energy production is high and maintenance costs are low, improving your bottom line and increasing your profits. 

Clean condenser and heat exchanger tubes lead to improved and more effective flow and heat transfer rates, increasing overall output. Clean tubes can increase efficiency by as much as 4%.

Impurities and leaks lead to unscheduled downtime. Regular tube inspection makes your plant more dependable, identifying equipment fatigue and corrosion before they cause forced unplanned outages.


Tube Shooting

ProSeries 200B Tube Cleaning System with TruFit Tube Cleaners.​ This state-of-the-art equipment has effectively cleaned over 150 million condenser and heat exchanger tubes worldwide. Designed to shoot Conco TruFit or any other make or model of tube cleaners through tubes from 1/2” to 11/2” O.D. , it increases available water pressure up to 300 PSI necessary for effective cleaning. This unit is equipped with a 10 HP motor and a durable positive displacement two - gun pump.


Tube Cleaners

Each tube cleaner is designed for specific fouling types and sizes for your exact tube dimensions to ensure safe and effective tube cleaning.

Conco has more than a dozen designs engineered for the effective removal of fouling and underlying corrosion. 


Rotary Drilling

Utilizing a water flush and rotary action, Conco HydroDrill Tube Cleaning Systems are the fastest and most effective way to remove difficult deposits from the inside of heat exchanger tubes, chemical reactors, condensers, reboilers and absorbers. The HydroDrill system is designed for maximum cleaning effectiveness with no tube damage. Drill bits are sized to be 0.005” below the minimum tube I.D. They feature long shanks to ensure that the axis of the bit and the axis of the tube are in complete alignment. Furthermore, the bits are designed with carbide tips on the leading edge with rounded corners to ensure no sharp edges directly impact the tube wall. The drill also rides on a thin layer of water for lubricating bearing surfaces between the bit and the tube. HydroDrills have been used repeatedly to clean process fouling on some heat exchangers over 1,000 times – with no tube damage or degradation. HydroDrills are used to remove hard tough deposits including: Coke, Calcium, Sulfur, Bauxite, Alumina, Asphalt, Oxides, Polymers



Alkaserts® Polyethylene Tube Inserts Alkaserts are designed to ensure lasting protection to the inlet ends of new tubes and to greatly prolong the life of worn tubes damaged by erosion and impingement. Features: Bonnet head is designed to cover the ferrule in ferrule type installations. Flush head is used for flush, rolled-in tubes and close-clearance tubesheet designs.​


Tube Plugs

Our inventory includes High Confidence Tube Plugs, tested to over 1,000 PSI under a wide range of temperatures and vibration conditions. Our line of expanding tube plugs can be used for temporary or permanent plugging. While our EX-3 Expanding Tube Plugs feature an oversized washer to prevent them from being pulled into the tube by the vacuum of the unit, our EX-4 Tube Plugs are designed to be placed inside the tube, recessed just below the tube sheet. Then there are our EX-F Tube Plugs, offering two separate gripping and sealing designs in one plug and sealing to 400 PSI. Type-1 Pin and Type-2 Pin and Collar Tube Plugs come standard in titanium, stainless steel, brass and bronze. They seal at high temperatures, allowing continued use of the unit without a major overhaul. They are ideal for use in the tube sheet where tube samples have been extracted.

When you need to plug off leaking tubes in condensers and heat exchangers, look no further than Conco. Conco offers a full range of plug sizes, styles and materials to match your needs.