We have a strong foundation and proven track record in providing an array of niche products and services  in our workshop or onsite to tackle unique problems by performing various highly specialised maintenance operations. 

We partner with principals to provide the best solutions to maintain and protect your assets and increase  its efficiency and reliability.



Our retubing services include on-site tube cutting, tube removal, tube installation and hydrotesting. 



We can clean and scale foreign deposits with high pressure water of up to 40,000 PSI (2,760 bar). To handle a range of scenarios and problems, we own a wide selection of hydro jetting equipment to customised nozzles, machines and pressures to achieve optimal results. We also have fully automated solutions such as the shell side bundle blaster and rotating cleaning system. Hydrojetting offers a powerful solution for external cleaning of heat exchangers, tube bundles and air fin coolers. 

Hydrojetting of Heat exchanger.JPG


Our Mechanical decoking machine removes the toughest coke deposits inside your pipes through high flow of water or air. Mechanical decoking offers a shorter lead time as compared to Steam Air Decoking. Our pigs are designed with excellent elasticity and compression materials and enables us to clean 90° and 180° bends without compromising the surface material of your assets.

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We are the exclusive partner of Curran International in Malaysia and Singapore providing grit blasting as an alternative to the conventional Hydro Jetting method. Our specially designed nozzle is able to carry out grit blasting in tubes with ID between 3/4'' to 2'' allowing us to grit blast surfaces up to NACE 2– near white metal cleanliness to prepare the surface for coating requirements.

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In addition to grit blasting, Mun Siong offers Curran's anti-corrosion epoxy coatings. The application of epoxy coatings help to increase heat transfer for your equipment, eliminate corrosion and reduce or eliminate fouling. This energy saving application serves to reduce overall maintenance cost, time, increase flow rate, and prolong your equipment’s lifespan.

For areas with complex geometry such as bolts, nuts, flanges, valves and wellheads, we are the sole distributor of Oxifree TM198 in Singapore, a thermoplastic anti-corrosion and anti-contamination coating. The material is melted down in Polymelt machines and applied by our trained technicians to a 4mm thickness on any metal substrate including sweating pipes using a heated hose. It provides immediate and complete protection for more than 10 years. This non-bonded encapsulating coating can be applied on live assets, solidifies in 2 to 3 minutes and is complimentary to NDT inspection. It can be easily removed using a penknife or cutter and is reusable.

After Curran coating floating heat excha


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We are the exclusive partner of Conco Systems in Singapore providing tube shooting services using Trufit™ cleaners for a safe, fast and efficient way to clean both straight and U-tubes.

Our technicians are also equipped with the Hydrodrill™  system  for a safe and effective solution to tube wall cleaning . The Hydrodrill™ is a high-torque cleaning system that works through a water flushing and rotary drilling action to to remove the hardest deposits such as microbiological, macrofouling, manganese, iron, and silicon.  

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We supply and install tube plugs and tube protectors.

The Conco tube plugs are easily installed for emergency and temporary plugging of condensers and heat exchanger tubes. Conco has a full array of plugs in a variety of styles and materials to select from.

Conco Alkaserts polyethylene plastic inserts are designed to assure lasting protection to the inlet ends of new tubes and to greatly prolong the life of worn tubes damaged by erosion and impingement.

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We are the  authorised Prime Installer of Primus Line®, a German innovative technology for trenchless rehabilitation of pressurised pipelines for oil, gas and water. The system consists of a flexible Kevlar® reinforced liner and specially developed end fittings. It features installation speeds of up to 10 meters per minute and can be done through multiple bends of up to 45°. It has a minor installation footprint and has a lifespan of more than 50 years.

primus line trenchless pipes rehabilitat