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Year of the Water Rabbit

The rabbit is historically known as the gentlest and most tender of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. They represent gentleness, sophistication, and elegance Water Rabbit Chinese zodiac works quietly but a highly effective worker with an excellent memory. In business, they are extremely sensitive, but their performance often depends on the prevailing conditions. The year 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope. But more than just the beginning of a new calendar cycle, Lunar New Year symbolizes reunion and rebirth, marking the end of winter and the start of spring. Whether you are embarking on a new career path, starting a business or simply striving for personal growth, this will be the year that offers stability and clarity. This is the time to focus, weigh your options, and strategically move towards your goals.

SSD Recent Events 2023

Discover the Adventure at Dairy Farm

Finally the day of adventure has arrived! We were lucky to be blessed with good weather and company as all of us ventured our way up to Dairy farm nature park. First we gathered at the Dairy farm carpark and trailed across all the way up to the Catchment Hut. With full enthusiasm everyone was seen encouraging one another to keep the energy and zest going. After a good tiresome day, we treated ourselves with Nasi Lemak and plain water.

Past Events 2022


MS Sports Day Event

Clean Up & Green Up

New Employees

Say hello to our new employees

Deeya Goswami

Corporate Communications Executive

Deeya is in charge of managing media relations including crafting news releases and preparing monthly reports. She will oversee the production of corporate collateral and publications such as annual reports, newsletters, sustainability reports and manage the social media as well as websites. She will also be responsible for organising CSR events and other ad hoc missions

Foo Guo Quan

Senior Account I

Foo Guo Quan joined us just last month and he is currently assisting Group Finance matters such as consol and announcement. 

Wong Siew Xia

Engineer II

Ms Wong is responsible for assisting manpower and equipment for chemical/maintenance job. She will also be in charge of ensuring house safety, quality, cost control and risk management. 

Muhammad Ridhwan

SHE Coordinator II

Muhammad Ridhwan is in charge of providing council   on specific instances of SHE non-compliance and unsafe work practices. He is also responsible for carrying out initiatives to support SHE programes and conduct safety inductions and orientations. Added to this, he also has to identify and monitor SHE compliance, unsafe work conditions and practices. 

Awards & Recognition

Cheers to a job well done

Mun Siong Engineering Limited (REF)

Mun Siong Engineering Limited (SCP)

Mun Siong Engineering Limited (Chemical)

Gundre Nagireddy

Reddy is a strong believer of LPS, and he took initiative to translate applicable JLA and LPSA triggers in 4 different languages to meet the tool intent and fit for purpose, and patiently coaching them especially in LPSA tool usage. He spends most of his time at site to observe, to positively reinforce / recognize, provide timely coaching and intervention to his workers.

Mariano Carlito & Azhaganantham Amaresan

Both Azhaganantham Amaresan & Carlito are firm believers in LPS, they are aware of the focus areas to target and communicate with their LPO observers. Most of their time is spent observing, reinforcing/recognizing their workers, and providing timely coaching and intervention. The workers’ morale was boosted greatly because of their active care for them.

Murari & Suresh Kumar Arumugam

We congratulate both Murari and Suresh as deserving BM partners in driving Safety Performance in SCP/SAR2. They have represented a serious of concerted action plan focusing on deliverables such as Focused /Targeted Contractor Safety Plan, Personnel rejuvenation / restructure, Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness, Improving Competency Training, and Increasing Field Presence.

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