Cheng Woei Fen

Executive Chairlady

Madam Cheng was first appointed to the Board on 31 October 1981 and ceased to be a director on 1 October 2006. Subsequently, Madam Cheng was reappointed to the Board on 20 April 2007 and last re-elected as a director on 23 April 2021. She spearheaded the acquisitions of the Group’s subsidiaries and is responsible for the effective integration and alignment of the Group’s business strategy as well as the development of the Group’s businesses. In FY2021, she stepped down as Chairlady of the Executive Committee and takes on the role as an adviser to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is currently chaired by the Executive Deputy Chairman.


Madam Cheng holds a degree in Business Administration from the then Singapore University. She is the pioneer member of the SGX Diversity Action Committee, Council member of the Process Construction and Maintenance Productivity Committee as well as member of the School Advisory Committee of Beacon Primary School.