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Common Failures With Bearings and Improving the Performance of Rotating Equipment

A webinar on anti-friction bearings and causes of failures, potential remedies, and how to improve the performance of rotating equipment with various maintenance strategies.

Duration: 43 mins
Keynote Speakers: Siva Krishna & Chris Henderson
Aug 28th, 2020
Mechanical Decoking & Pigging

The formation of fouling and deposits badly impact a plant’s performance and capacity, dramatically reducing profitability. A systematic and thorough clean of your furnace tubes will improve heat transfer and result in substantial energy savings. This is why choosing the most effective and safe cleaning method is critical.

Duration: 35 mins
Keynote Speakers: Marina Pinela & Siva Krishna
Jul 1st, 2020
Special Speakers:
3 Efficient Ways To Improve Your Heat Exchanger's Lifespan

Keeping your Heat Exchangers maintained, clean and in good working order will help prevent against tube failure, unintentional shutdowns and costly unplanned maintenance.

Duration: 46 mins
Keynote Speakers: Marina Pinela & Siva Krishna
Jun 19th, 2020
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