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Our tankage team has strong capabilities in fabrication, construction, tank repair and maintenance.


We provide the full EPC of new tank construction on field with strong capabilities to undertake the construction of all types of tanks including spherical tanks & atmospheric tanks (cone roof/dome roof/floating roof tanks) following API 650 & API 620 standards.

In addition to the conventional field erection method, and as part of our unyielding commitment to achieve, quality, safety and work productivity, we have implemented mechanisation and automation in our tank fabrication and construction processes.


Welding Automation Equipment: 

  • Automatic Vertical Up Seam Welding Machine

  • Automatic Horizontal Girth Seam Welding Machine

  • Automatic Butt/Corner Seam Welding Machine 

  • Hydraulic Lifting System

Tank construction with Tubular Scaffoldi
New Tank Construction at Site.jpg
New Tank construction_02.jpg
Tank Jacking.jpg
New Tank Construction
Tank Rehabilitation & Maintenance Works


Mun Siong has a strong track record in maintenance, rehabilitation, repair and reconstruction of Tanks, following API 653 standard. 

  • Demolition & Reconstruction or Conversion of Tank Roof: Internal/ External Roof, Cone Roof, Dome Roof 

  • External/Internal Jack-up for: Tank Bottom or Annular Plates Repair & Replacement

  • Installation of Tank Bottom Plate 

  • Repair & Replacement of Floating Roof Drain System, Rolling Ladder

  • Repair or Replacement of Tank Internal Heating Coil, Sparger Pipe System, Water Draw-off Piping

  • Repair & Replacement of Tank Shell/Roof Nozzles, Manways, Venting Systems 

  • Repair & Replacement of Fire Water/ Foam Pipe System

  • Other Rectification Works: Tank Shell Buckling

  • Hydro-Test & Handover

  • Scaffolding

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