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We are the sole distributor for STB Mechanical seals in South East Asia (SEA). STB designs and manufactures mechanical seals and special seals for gas and steam turbines, compressors (especially rotating piston, screw-, centrifugal compressors), pumps, mixers and agitators and many other applications where fluids, gases or steam need to be sealed. 

Product Origin: Germany 


Mechanical Seals 

Carbon Seals 

Mechanical Support System

Mechanical Packing


Cleaning of Components 

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Component Diagnosis 

Pressure Testing


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Oil & Gas




Water & Waste Water 


Power Generation 






Pulp & Paper



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Food & Beverage


Short Lead Time 

Customised to Size Shape & Standards 

Design To Replace Existing OEM Seals 

Cost Effective Solution

Easy Maintenance

API 682 Compliant

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Long Product Life Span


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Savings to Both Operational & Capital Expenditure 
Arrests All Types of Corrosion & Contamination
Applicable On Rotating Parts
Applicable On Sweating Pipes
Applicable On Live Assets
100% Reusable
Minimum Surface Preparation
No Solvents Content
Excellent UV Resistance
Complimentary to Other Coating Systems

Complimentary to NDT Inspection
Simple to Remove Without Damaging Substrate
Available in Various Colours
Encapsulates Component to Protected
Does Not Adhere to Structure
Fast to Apply & Cools Within 2 Minutes
Over 10 Years Of Lifespan
Preserve Stored Assemblies
Application to Complex Geometry Areas



ASTM B117- Salt Spray Test
ASTM G154- UV/Weathering Test
ASTM G85-94- Annex A5 Prohesion Test
ASTM D790- Cryogenic Bend Flexibility
ASTM E968- Sand Abrasion Resistance
BS 3900-F2– Cyclic Condensation

Boeing BSS 7239- Smoke Toxicity Test
ASTM E662- Smoke Generation Test
BS EN 13823- Single Burning Item Test
UL 94 V2- Flammability of Plastic Materials


ASTM D149- Dielectric Strength Testing
BS2782 Pt.2- Volumetric Resistivity Testing


GOL492/09- Volatile Organic Compound Test
ASTM D7359/13- Standard Test Method for Total Fluorine, Chlorine and Sulfur in Aromatic Hydrocarbons


Health and Safety 



STB designs and manufactures various mechanical cartridge seals. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and short lead time for customised seals are some of the key benefits. Seals are customised based on application, dimension, and materials.  

Single Cartridge Seals 

Single mechanical cartridge seals are an extension and improvement of single component seals. Designed with shaft sleeves, to protect the shaft from damages. Most types are designed with integrated flushes, which are ideal for high viscosity products or products with a high amount of solid particles.

STB cross section of cartridge seals.jpg

Double Cartridge Seals 

Double mechanical cartridge seals have a barrier or buffer fluid between both pairs of seal faces. One pair is located on the product side, the other pair is located on the atmospheric side. Between them is the barrier fluid to cool the seal faces and to ensure that no contamination of the environment will occur.

STB Double Acting Mechanical Seal.jpg

Siron Seals 

Siron is a cartridge mechanical seal design available in single and double acting arrangements. It offers industry leading consistent quality, standard and high availability. The cartridge design guarantees an easy installation to rotating equipment by eliminating installation mistakes.

STB EcoSiron Mechanical Seal.jpg


STB Cartridge Seal proSiron.jpg


STB ecoSiron Flex Mechanical Seal.jpg

ecoSiron Flex

OEM-Replacement Seals 

STB offers product specific OEM-Replacement seals. STB provides mechanical seals for equipment such as: turbines, pumps, compressors and blowers. STB pays great attention to delivering the highest quality from design to delivery. Their automated production processes allow STB to have high availability and fast reaction times.
Replacement Seals for the following OEM systems:

  • Blackmer Pumps

  • Plunger Pumps 

  • Screw Spindle Pumps 

  • Sulzer Agitators 

  • Slurry Pumps 

Agitator Seals 

Agitator seals have been used in large-scale industry for many years for sealing critical and dangerous media. The reliable sealing process plays a significant role for the environment and machinery operators. Agitator seals manufactured by STB GmbH meet the highest standards when it comes to its sealing function, lifespan and maintenance requirements. STB's standard series are always readily available and at short delivery times. 

STB Agitator Seal REMEX.jpg


STB phREMEX Agitator Seals.jpg


STB Agitator Seal pulpermex.jpg


Component Seals 

Component mechanical seals are the simplest design of mechanical seals and are commonly used as a better alternative to dynamical packing systems. The design of a single component mechanical seal can include the following components: stationary seal face, dynamical seal face, springs, O-rings and steel parts. The construction in length, pressure resistance, and diameter can vary. STB also develops and manufactures special seals based on customer requirements.

STB component seals-Stationaries.jpg


STB Component Seals-Sinus Spring Seals.j

Sinus Spring Seals 

STB Elastomer Bellow Seals.jpg

Elastomer Bellow Seals 

STB Component Seals-Single Spring Seals.

Single Spring 


STB componet seals- Multiple Spring Seal

Multiple Spring Seals 

STB Component Seals-conical spring seal.

Conical Spring Seals 

STB component seals- Special Mechanical

Special Mechanical Seals 

STB component seals-Metal Bellow Seals.j

Metal Bellow 


Marine Seals 

STB water-lubricated propeller shaft seal is an ecological and economical solution that meets all technical needs for a modern mechanical navy seal. Among others it has a modular setup, is easy to assemble, requires low maintenance efforts and no configuration. Propeller shaft seals use the same function principle as mechanical seals. Therefore, they are virtually leak free and leave no oil or grease residue in the waterway.

STB Marine Seals.jpg

Mechanical Seal Support System 

With the massive global expansion of double mechanical seals in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and process industry, support systems are a necessary solution. Mechanical Seal Support Systems (MSSS) are able to extend the lifetime of a double acting mechanical seal and increase the equipment’s safety massively.

STB Mechanical Seal Support System TS 9.



STB Mechanical Seal Support System TS 12



STB Mechanica Seal Support System NSE-53


STB Mechanical Seal Support System BEH-8


STB Mechanical Support System, Cooler.jp


STB Mechanical Seal Support System NSE 5



STB manufactures carbon rings upon receipt of samples, drafts or by STB design based on your application. Due to high stocks of raw material. STB offers the shortest lead time. 

Armoured Carbon Rings.jpg

Armoured Carbon Rings

STB Carbon Seals Carbon Rings.jpg

Carbon Rings

STB Steam Header Seals.jpg

Steam Header Seals 

STB Carbon Seals Shut Down Seals.jpg

Shut Down Seals

STB Carbon Seals Segment Sealing Rings.j

Segment Sealing Rings

STB Mechanical Packing SP 10.jpg

Valve Seals/ Valve Packing/ Gland Packings


STB offers various mechanical packing solutions such as:

  • Tartarus Seal Kit - Used in Plunger Pumps 

  • Static Packing - Used in Valves 

  • Dynamic Packing - Used in Pumps, Refiners & Mixers 

  • Graphite Seal Packing - Graphite Seals, Packing System

  • Injection Packing - A Service & Maintain Friendly Packing System

  • High Pressure Packing - 700 Degree Celsius & 150 bar 

STB Mechanical Packing SP 26.jpg


Our qualified engineers and service technicians work closely with the engineers at STB to apply their skills towards continuing the German tradition of high quality and reliability. STB provides overhauls to mechanical seals from all manufacturers.

The variants of mechanical seals include:


STB Mechanical Seal Repair and Servicing
  • Component Seals 

  • Cartridge Seals 

  • Agitator Seals 

  • Steam Head Gasket

  • Carbon Floating Seals 

  • Enameled GLRD ATEX Seals

  • Dry Gas Seals

  • Customised Seals 

  • High Quality Inspection, Overhaul & Modification 

  • Flexible & Fast Processing of Orders 

  • Done by Specially Trained Engineers for Mechanical Seals & Supply System

  • Professional & Environmentally Friendly disposal by Logistic Department Damage

  • Report Involving The Entire Assembly Unit, (if present) Supply System & All Components 

  • High Flexibility Through Collaboration of Service & Production. 

  • Extensive Report for Further Decision Making Purposes