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Inappropriate Conduct of Ex-Employee; Nuraizan Bin Abdul Majid

It has come to the attention of Mun Siong Engineering Limited (“Mun Siong”) that (MR) NURAIZAN BIN ABDUL MAJID (known as Nuraizan Majid on his social media account), has been posting inappropriate, inflammatory and/or derogatory statements on his personal Facebook account which are directed at the Singapore government and at the female gender.

We wish to highlight that Mr Majid ceased to be employed by Mun Siong since January 2013. The comments made by Mr Majid on his Facebook account since 2015, that is more than two years after he ceased to be employed by Mun Siong. Mr Masjid's statements were made solely in his personal capacity.

Mr Majid has incorrectly represented himself as an employee of Mun Siong on his Facebook account.

We reserve our right to take the necessary action against Mr Majid in respect of his misrepresentation and/or the inflammatory statements made by him.

The said statements by Mr Majid were made without the knowledge of Mun Siong, and do not represent the opinions and/or views of Mun Siong and/or any of its employees.

In the event of any injury and/or defamation as a result of Mr Masjid's statements, we urge members of the public to seek the appropriate legal recourse against Mr Majid in his personal capacity

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