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Backed by 50 years of track record and an established foundation, we are a recognised brand by the petroleum and petrochemical industries as their reliable and trusted contractor for term maintenance, turnaround and shutdown. 


  • Plant Maintenance

  • New or Existing Pipeline Work Including “Tie-Ins”

  • Structural Modifications & New Erection 

  • Rotating Equipment Maintenance

  • Static Equipment Maintenance (Exchanger, Column, Vessel) 

  • Furnace Maintenance Works (Includes Re-coil)

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Maintenance

  • Total Valve Management, Valves Change-Out Servicing & Certification

  • Divestment of Plant Equipment

  • Condition Monitoring

  • Isolation & Replacement of Parts & Equipment Column / Vessel / Heat Exchanger Maintenance

  • Storage Tank Maintenance & Rehabilitation

  • Plant Turnaround and Shutdown

  • Debottlenecking & Upgrading

Rotating Equipment-vertical pump servici
Metal Fabrication.JPG
Hydrojetting of Heat exchanger.JPG
Plant Electrical and Instrumentation Mai


Mun Siong has a strong track record in maintenance, rehabilitation, repair and reconstruction of Tanks, following API 653 standard. 

  • Demolition & Reconstruction or Conversion of Tank Roof: Internal/ External Roof, Cone Roof, Dome Roof 

  • External/ Internal Jack-up for Tank Bottom or Annular Plates Repair & Replacement

  • Installation of Tank Bottom Plate 

  • Repair & Replacement of Floating Roof Drain System, Rolling Ladder

  • Repair or Replacement of Tank Internal Heating Coil, Sparger Pipe System, Water Draw-off Piping

  • Repair & Replacement of Tank Shell/ Roof Nozzles, Manways, Venting Systems 

  • Repair & Replacement of Fire Water/ Foam Pipe System

  • Other Rectification Works: Tank Shell Buckling

  • Hydro-Test & Handover

  • Scaffolding

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