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Annual Report 2020


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Announcement of FY2020 Results

25 February 2021

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Annual General Meeting for FY2020

23 April 2021

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Announcement of half yearly results 2021 

5 August 2021 (tentative)

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Announcement of FY2021 Results

17 February 2022 (tentative)


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With all the preparatory work done in securing a wider coverage of our maintenance services to our long-term business partners, we entered FY2020 with expectation as well as with an uneasy heart for Mun Siong Engineering [the “Company” or “Mun Siong and its related companies (the “Group”).] We were prepared to face another year of challenges that had raged the process industry since 2013.


The spread of Covid-19 has taken the world by surprise. Many countries have encountered near total shut down to avoid further escalation in infections among its populations. In the absence of an antidote (vaccine), human lives continue to be fragile. Relating this to Mun Siong – the lives of our entire workforce of more than 900 people came under threat.


We called FY2020 a Covid-19 pandemic year. An unforgettable year that everyone in all businesses struggled for survival. Therefore, for this report, I have made a departure from traditions to focus mainly on economic performance and share with our shareholders on what makes Mun Siong special and different.


Mun Siong was founded as a people centric cultured organization. The determination and commitment have helped to drive the Group forward and is a source of strength to me and my fellow board members.


To fulfil my stewardship to many that relies on us to generate monetary returns on their investments or business partners who have entrusted us to ensure uninterrupted operations of their plants and facilities, that form a significant part of their global operations, I would humbly seek your patience.

Cheng Woei Fen

Executive Chairlady


Tel: +65 6411 6570