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We have the capabilities and expertise to efficiently undertake Greenfield and Brownfield's projects ranging from the construction of new industrial plants to modifications and upgrades of existing plants.

We also provide a complete range of construction and project works professionally carried out by our experienced teams. Backed by detailed planning, safety standards, operational reviews, and proper documentation, our teams are ready to manage various types of site conditions and meet your expectations.


  • Design, Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures/ Fixed Equipment

  • Design, Prefabrication & Installation of Piping Works

  • Installation of Static & Rotating Equipment

  • Design, Prefabrication of Pre-Assembled Modules (PAM), Skids

  • Construction Management of Plants & Refineries

  • Design, Site Installation of Electrical & Instrumentation Works

  • Tank Construction

  • Scaffolding

Plant Construction and Projects_01.jpg
Plant Construction and Projects_03.jpg
Plant Constructions and Projects_04.JPG
New Tank Construction at Site.jpg
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