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One of Singapore’s leading integrated service providers since 1969, Mun Siong Engineering Limited offers a range of mechanical and electrical & instrumentation services for the oil & gas, petrochemical, energy, chemicals, and power industries. As a one-stop solution provider, the Mun Siong Group caters for engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, and maintenance of plants and equipment. The Group also provides a host of specialised products and service solutions, such as hydrojetting, grit blasting, protective coatings, retubing, mechanical decoking, rotating equipment services, scaffolding – insulation – painting (SIP), and many more.

We are in the forefront when it comes to maintenance works and turnkey projects, successfully completing numerous green and brownfield projects, turnarounds and debottlenecking projects.

Our engineering and design expertise allows us to supply and package equipment modules such as centrifugal pump packages, fuel gas boosters, vapour recovery packages, diesel generators and many more.  To guarantee quality in our services, we represent a range of manufacturers from Europe and USA.  Standing as sole distributor for STB GmbH seals in Southeast Asia, we are able to develop, manufacture and repair mechanical seals and support systems.  Partnering with Conco Systems, we hold the exclusive rights to provide Conco Services in Singapore, such as tube shooting and drilling for heat exchanger and condenser cleaning. As the sole agent of Curran International in Singapore and Malaysia, we provide services for protective coatings (Epoxy and Ceramic) and grit blasting. Representing J. Schneider Elektrotechnik as a sole distributor for their industrial power supplies such as transformers, reactors, UPS systems, and high voltage power supplies in Southeast Asia. As the sole agent for Oxifree Global in Singapore, we provide an anti-corrosion & contamination thermoplastic coating for the protection of metal assets.

With more than 45 years of experience, we specialise in:

  • Plant Construction and Maintenance
  • Shutdown Works and Major Turnarounds
  • Specialised Services including Hydrojetting, Mechanical Decoking, Retubing, Grit Blasting, and Specialised Coatings
  • Rotating Equipment Maintenance, Repair, Overhauling, Removal, and Installation
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Services
  • Scaffolding Services

Awards & Qualifications received:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 22301:2012
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • bizSAFE Star Certification
  • ASME U & U2
  • WSH Awards

With more than 45 years of experience, we specialise in:

Engineering Design
Plant Construction
Skid and Module Fabrication
Integrated Maintenance
Electrical & Instrumentation Services
Rotating Equipment Services
Mechanical Services
Hydrojetting Services
Mechanical Decoking Services
Retubing Services
Specialised Coatings and Grit Blasting
Scaffolding Services
Insulation Services
Painting and Blasting
Equipment Supplies

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